Open Metro Maps Free maps for rapid transit networks

Our mission

Schematic maps for public transportation networks are essential tools for orientation and navigation in cities. Unfortunately, these maps are usually proprietary resources that pose strong limits on what you are allowed to do with them. The owners of the material often charge a fee for displaying the content on websites, apps or printed material and they don't allow you to change anything on the map itself. This alone prevents creative use of these maps. Furthermore, you only get a PDF document – this makes interactive content hard to create. We're here to change that by providing open source tools and file formats for creating free schematic metro maps. Read more.

Project status

The project is in alpha stage. Things are still changing quickly and many things are not easy to use and fully functional yet. At this point, some expertise in programming is required to get involved with the project. To get an impression of what we're getting at, have a look at the Demo page. You can also follow us on Twitter or have a look at the contributions we submitted to the OpenStreetMap with our OSM account.


This is a free software project. All source code is released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). For details, have a look at the terms of both the LGPL and the GPL. We're also producing free data, which is published under the terms of the Open Database License (ODbL). To understand what that means, have a look at the plain language summary of the ODbL.


If you're interested in viewing maps, making your own maps or customizing existing ones, have a look at the User Guide. If you would like to help improve the software, read the Developer Guide. There's also a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Otherwise get in touch via the Mailing List.


This project has been funded by the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany via the Prototype Fund, which is backed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Resesarch from September 2017 until March 2018.